Our Commitment

We are committed to helping executives address and improve the key elements that enhance the value of their business. 

We adhere to the Institute of Management Consultants Code of Ethics.

Our mission is very simple: use all of our experience and knowledge to help others succeed. 



Advisory for startup and early-stage companies.

For business owners, C-suite executives, and key decision-makers, we provide expert advice with:

  • Agriculture, Food, Ingredients, and Technology
  • Transitioning Ownership and Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Capital Formation, Debt Financing, M&A


  • CEO/COO in Private and Public
  • Public Company Board – 11 years
  • Chairman of the Board - 3 years
  • Multiple Private/Public Financings and One IPO
  • Multiple Business and Multi-Site Management
  • International Business Management/Europe and Asia
  • Mergers (2) and Acquisitions (5)
  • Venture Capital Financings
  • Multinational Ownership
  • Three Turnarounds